About CPH City Toastmasters


CPH City Toastmasters chartered in 2015 and a big part of the first members were originally members of the original Copenhagen Toastmasters Club which is based in Hellerup.

“The first Toastmasters club in Copenhagen was fantastic, but it was almost too successful. When new members joined, they sometimes had to wait for a month before giving their first speech. It made perfect sense to split up and create a new club in the center of Copenhagen” – Danni Liljekrans, President of CPH City Toastmasters

The club meets every other Thursday and all meetings are conducted in English. We meet at Oehlenschlægersgade School in Vesterbro. The school is named after the Danish poet Adam Oehlenschlæger who  is known for, amongst other things, to have written the Danish National Anthem.

If you are considering to visit us or if you already know now that you wish to join Toastmasters, then go ahead and reach out via our contact page: Visit CPH City Toastmasters


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